Brenda Noel Consulting
Brenda Noel Consulting
  • Strategy development
    The future of a non-profit depends on its ability to see its mission through. What we do:
-Bring the energy and passion behind your mission to an actionable plan -Identify short- and long-term issues from an external point of view -Ensure the development of a plan that fits your agency and the needs of your constituency
-Create the results you set out to achieve through your organization with a realizable strategy Find out more...
  • Grant writing
    Fundraising initiatives are the vehicles for growth in a nonprofit organization.
We will:
-Determine your organization's grant and funding options
-Identify aspects of your mission that are likely to resonate with funders
-Prepare grant applications for your organization -Walk you through each stage of the process with the advantage of our years of experience Find out more...
  • Conference planning
    A professionally planned conference can make all the difference when it comes to creating important, lasting relationships and communicating crucial ideas to your constituents. What we do:
-Work with you to design an efficient, well-planned conference
-Reinforce your mission and reinvigorate people involved with your organization. -Manage all of the details and maximize your resources. Find out more...
  • Event coordination
    Events are an important way to demonstrate an organization's presence to constituents and build community. We know it’s all about the big day; we put on events that are exciting, informative, and leave people talking about your organization for months. Events are a way for people to relate to your organization in a personal way. They cultivate a tradition of fundraising around your organization. Find out more…
  • Training & facilitation
    An effective organization has strong leadership and knowledgeable staff—
this means that more work is going into the things that matter. Whether it is a staff meeting or a full day retreat, our facilitation brings out the best in each participant, enabling staff and leadership to focus on the agency mission and accomplish the identified goals. We work with all levels of leadership and staff to identify agency goals, build consensus, and problem-solve. Find out more...
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